Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Thought I would post a picture of what the kit looks like for 23andMe. Our kits came today. We'll do them in the morning before we eat or drink or brush ...
 I hope it's clear enough for you to read it. Says it takes 2-5 minutes to get enough spit. Sounds like fun, will have to look at a cookbook or something. Ha Ha!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Buzzards are Invading!

We have a metal roof. I was sitting here this morning, quietly trying to clear the cobwebs from my head, when I heard something land on the roof. I could hear the thud through all the insulation and thought, wth? I heard several more thuds and got up to see if I could see anything. The thuds came from birds that are the size of a wild turkey landing on the roof.

There was a dead armadillo laying out in the yard. Several buzzards were there. One was trying to tear the animal apart, while several of his gruesome henchmen skulked around the yard as look-outs. Guess one or more of the neighbor's dogs had killed it. 

This was not our first rodeo with dead varmints in the yard. I kept an eye out until DH got home to dispose of it. We don't want another pile of ick for J n J to roll in. 

Feast anyone?

The look-out
 Charming characters, eh?

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cleaning up ...

This post is probably going all over the place. Sorry.

Cleaning up after the mice - again! Dishwasher installer sort of left a hole for the nasty things under the sink when he added another hose. Why? We have no clue, maybe his hose was shorter than the original and he had to jury rig it in. All I know is that the hole under the sink is like the doors to the grand ballroom of mousedom. They made tracks to get in and start families again - under the sink, in the buckets, under the stove, and in my lower cabinets. I won't be able to walk tomorrow from crawling around on the floor. I vacuumed up a sh--load of mouse turds and insulation, literally filling the vacuum cleaner! 

So ... The dogs have fleas. DH gave Jill a bath today. Jack got his last night. He brought the vacuum in here to clean out Jill's corner after he sprayed her bed for fleas with Bengal. (Best I know of)  Well, bless his heart, he didn't think to empty the bag and bleep near killed me with the stench! I screamed and got him out of here. Shortly after that, I heard the vacuum in the living room and immediately smelled the stench again. 

DH was vacuuming the double recliner. I admit, I am a bit short fused when it comes to not paying attention ... I flew (as well as I could) in there and shut it off. Then I grabbed a new bag for the vacuum. He was all, "Wha ..." I opened the bag door, and thick wads of mouse stinking insulation 'fluff' began pouring out. I showed him how full it had gotten. He's like, "It was still sucking," and I just blew as I tried to pick up the mess oozing out of the hose. Then, yes, then, he blew the hose clear in my face! I simply must learn to have more patience ... 

One of the local cousins is coming tomorrow to fix one of the outside faucets. DH can't get to it now with his knee problem. We need to run a hose to his little veggie garden and my blueberries. Carrying water is not an easy thing. My fingers are crossed - I would love to have all new plumbing put in under there, it needs it.

The whole day was exhausting. I must say that DH is not the village idiot. He is bored and was on a roll, thinking he was helping. I seriously am worried about how long I will last when he takes his retirement. I don't know how some of you retirees do it. He should be able to back to work the second week of July, sigh ...