Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Thought I would post a picture of what the kit looks like for 23andMe. Our kits came today. We'll do them in the morning before we eat or drink or brush ...
 I hope it's clear enough for you to read it. Says it takes 2-5 minutes to get enough spit. Sounds like fun, will have to look at a cookbook or something. Ha Ha!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Buzzards are Invading!

We have a metal roof. I was sitting here this morning, quietly trying to clear the cobwebs from my head, when I heard something land on the roof. I could hear the thud through all the insulation and thought, wth? I heard several more thuds and got up to see if I could see anything. The thuds came from birds that are the size of a wild turkey landing on the roof.

There was a dead armadillo laying out in the yard. Several buzzards were there. One was trying to tear the animal apart, while several of his gruesome henchmen skulked around the yard as look-outs. Guess one or more of the neighbor's dogs had killed it. 

This was not our first rodeo with dead varmints in the yard. I kept an eye out until DH got home to dispose of it. We don't want another pile of ick for J n J to roll in. 

Feast anyone?

The look-out
 Charming characters, eh?

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cleaning up ...

This post is probably going all over the place. Sorry.

Cleaning up after the mice - again! Dishwasher installer sort of left a hole for the nasty things under the sink when he added another hose. Why? We have no clue, maybe his hose was shorter than the original and he had to jury rig it in. All I know is that the hole under the sink is like the doors to the grand ballroom of mousedom. They made tracks to get in and start families again - under the sink, in the buckets, under the stove, and in my lower cabinets. I won't be able to walk tomorrow from crawling around on the floor. I vacuumed up a sh--load of mouse turds and insulation, literally filling the vacuum cleaner! 

So ... The dogs have fleas. DH gave Jill a bath today. Jack got his last night. He brought the vacuum in here to clean out Jill's corner after he sprayed her bed for fleas with Bengal. (Best I know of)  Well, bless his heart, he didn't think to empty the bag and bleep near killed me with the stench! I screamed and got him out of here. Shortly after that, I heard the vacuum in the living room and immediately smelled the stench again. 

DH was vacuuming the double recliner. I admit, I am a bit short fused when it comes to not paying attention ... I flew (as well as I could) in there and shut it off. Then I grabbed a new bag for the vacuum. He was all, "Wha ..." I opened the bag door, and thick wads of mouse stinking insulation 'fluff' began pouring out. I showed him how full it had gotten. He's like, "It was still sucking," and I just blew as I tried to pick up the mess oozing out of the hose. Then, yes, then, he blew the hose clear in my face! I simply must learn to have more patience ... 

One of the local cousins is coming tomorrow to fix one of the outside faucets. DH can't get to it now with his knee problem. We need to run a hose to his little veggie garden and my blueberries. Carrying water is not an easy thing. My fingers are crossed - I would love to have all new plumbing put in under there, it needs it.

The whole day was exhausting. I must say that DH is not the village idiot. He is bored and was on a roll, thinking he was helping. I seriously am worried about how long I will last when he takes his retirement. I don't know how some of you retirees do it. He should be able to back to work the second week of July, sigh ...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Work for Nothing

Trying to save Tim. What is the matter with me? I feel as if I need to 'save' the 'life' of every unhappy thing I try to grow. Tim was supposed to grow to a foot tall. He got to be a rangy 3' tall and had to be moved. I re-potted it after it twisted and fell over, then DH put it on the porch, where it got heat exhaustion and half the leaves shriveled. So much work and it is probably going to die anyway. Ugh! When will I learn? My good at gardening days are over. I must say - I don't believe the seeds were true Tiny Tim. Ruth says the one I gave her doesn't look like it either. $8 for a few seeds was too much for bad seeds!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Big Foot

I'm being literal here. I've been having a lot of problems with my edema. No idea what is causing this, but  - maybe the prednisone? I got the RX from the Dr. last week and yesterday I weighed myself to see just how much I had gained in water weight. 12# in a week! Mostly in my left foot and leg, I'd say. Sitting and standing are bad for that, so ... I've not been on the computer much. The new water pills aren't helping much. Back to doc!

 Have considered getting the Highlander series. It's a lot of money, so figured I would watch the movies first. Don't think I want to go the extra expense ... I do like sword fighting and all that, not the rest of that noise. I ordered 9 as a distraction - I like some animated movies on occasion ... Not for small children, that's for sure. Think my kids would have all had nightmares if they had seen it before they were 9 or 10. It's about machines having taken over the world and killing all humanity. Good graphics!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Almost wordless Wednesday

DH first tomato

DH Garden Tomato and banana peppers.

DH Yard tomato - yeah, we had a handy hole.

Bedroom planter seen from the yard through the window.

Reflection of across the road and yard.
Tallest stuff (dim) is mint that hasn't fallen over yet.
Can't really see Tim.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Doctor visit

I went to see my pulmonologist yesterday. Yes, it's been a while. He seemed surprised to see me, like he thought I had died or something. I suppose I look a little like death warmed over. I was shocked to see how old and worn he looked, as if he bore all the sorrow of disease in all his patients. Sigh. We all get old ...

Had x-rays, 3 breathing tests, and blood work. Guess I will get results when I go back in a couple weeks. The technician did say that one of the breathing tests showed that I am breathing out nearly as much o2 as I breathe in. My exchange jobbies aren't functioning.

New drugs to try ... We'll see. The office visit was like forever and I was totally exhausted by the time I got back into the car to come home. Slept like the dead last night. I hope I don't have to do this very often.
The new dishwasher is wonderful. So quiet, we don't have to turn up the TV! 

Have bud thoughts on my mint, finally.

Lawn needs mowed, it will not stay dry long enough for him to do it. The humidity is high and you can see it. Dew is heavy in the morning or it rains ...

Currently watching One Step Beyond. (In spurts) DVD player in TV is dying.

That's it for now, I need a nap. Have a good day!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Up-date and June 1st Birthdays

Up-date: DH is getting around a bit now. Went to physical therapy today. The surgery went as well as could be expected. Next time (and it does sound like there is a fair possibility) they will have to do a knee replacement. They did what they could do with the miniscus mess and took off some arthritis damage. He's not sleeping well, even on the good drugs ...

June 1st is a big Birthday day for me. The littlest one of Grandma's Darlin's is a year old today! She is a true ray of sunshine - get a load of those smiles!

Not sure when I'll be back, I do read your blogs. I have my plate pretty full right now. Will see my pulmonologist on Monday. Time to do something about the insurance. Squash died, Tim dying, Mint is running rampant. Extra with DH's garden right now. He's got tomatoes set and the beginnings of pepper blossoms. So many Morning Glories need to be pulled. (Somehow I knew it would be me doing the pulling ...) Ugh! 

Take care, folks! 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Still on a break ...


DH is didn't go back to work. He had MRI and Dr says it's the same thing but on both sides. Outpatient surgery on Tuesday morning. Then he'll be off work for six weeks. I do wish it was the new season for TV ... Not sure how we will manage.

I'm reading your blogs, but not really time to comment without interruption, just saying. Have a new dishwasher on order, someone is to call when they will come and install.

Other bra from Amazon fits ribs, but, hahaha. Can't hook it up without it looking like I have a single blob trying to escape.

Stay safe this weekend, folks.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Get the crutches!

I wasn't going to bother you with pictures of a bleep tomato plant, but ... Tim is leaning toward the window, I guess he needs a crutch. I have done everything I can for the poor thing, it just isn't happy. All I can do is pamper it along so I get tomatoes and seeds to try again later. Ruth says hers is fine, go figure.

And speaking about crutches, it has been nearly 5 years since DH had surgery on his knee. Looks like something has to be done again. I have him home again. He's limping around. Tried to go to work today, walked all the way in and he had forgotten his badge. By the time he walked back to the car, he said to h--- with it and came home. I have a feeling his vacation next week will start today and be a two week vacation. (Or longer ...) Sure wish it was with pay. Sigh.

I'm seriously thinking about taking a break for a while. So, if I don't show up - don't panic.

Have a great week!

Friday, May 19, 2017


I have never seen myself as different than what I am. That said, I must be disillusioned. The ad said to order your normal clothing size. Normally, I wear a large, but I have gained some poundage, so I ordered XL. Studying these bras, I would have to say that I need a 2 or 3XL. I tried to pour myself into the nude one. It was a real fight and felt as if I was being squeezed to death. Sigh.
I noticed after the fight to fit into that the bra, it did not return completely to that size. Not the bounce-back I would have expected. Hmm. 
 The fabric feels lovely. For how long ...time would tell. Not overly fond of the hard foam in the bra cups, but it is removable. Now to find a home for them.

Up real early for trip to the doctor. Luckily, he didn't chew me out. I was supposed to go in the end of March. Blood pressure is still too high. He put me on a better water pill. I need to take my allergy pills regularly. (I'm not a fan) He wants me to see a pulmonologist again, he'll set me up an appointment. Maybe there is something new on the scene to help my breathing. I guess I will see my old guy. Not looking forward to going through that whole game, but I really can't breath. I quit going because he didn't seem to be doing anything besides wasting my time. Maybe, just maybe, they have come up with something new that will help.

Ordered the movie, A Dog's Purpose. I guess we will have movie time tomorrow. DH has something else on right now.

I hope you all have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lampyridae Love

No picture, sorry. I tried, but they are too small and too fast for me.

I was lying in my bed in the dark and for a bit, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. The thought that perhaps I was having a stroke also crossed my mind. Tiny flashes of green light bouncing through the trees across the road and in the field were surprising, to be sure. For about 15 minutes, the trees, ditch, and field looked as if it was decorated for a fairy Christmas. The blinking was wild! They must have just emerged from their larva stage to their firefly stage and were interested in Lampyridae love. Hee hee. I have never seen so many. Wish I could have caught a picture.

It is a beautiful night out, warm, and starlit. Perfect for Love ... ,-)

No bras yet. So far they are in Memphis. Usually when things on the slow boat get to Memphis, they go to Columbia, then to my post office to be delivered that day or the next. Tracking says they are still in Memphis. Maybe they are waiting until they have a truckload of small, lightweight parcels before they send them on east. 

Last night, I was green-grass, dog-sick. Woke up pitiful and went back to bed. Didn't really feel human until this afternoon. 

I hope I can get to sleep now. Argh.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Good thing, I'm not holding my breath.

It's been a week. Ahem ... They are going for the cheapest shipping, that's for sure. That is the Miracle Bra people. 

 Actually, I ordered them Friday or Saturday ... If they are holding them for ransom - it isn't happening!

The power went out last night. I suppose they had a scheduled shut down. Why can't they make a note of it on the bill? There is always a scramble to get my alternate oxygen going - in the dark. Evidently my Marathon tank for liquid o2 needs replacing or repairing. Ugh! I hooked up the other one, which I found out last week only puts out 2 hours at 2 lpm, so I had to turn it down to less and hope it would hold up until the power came back on. I guess the batteries need to be replaced. I'm going to have to have a heart to heart with my supplier ... Needless to say, I didn't sleep much, if at all. The battery one screams after it can't detect a breath. I feel like sh--!

Mother's Day. Wishing all the mothers, aunties, grandmothers, and carers a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

For the Girls!

First off, I know I got took, but there ought to be some kind of law ... I ordered the Bamboo Bras they advertise on TV. I figured 19.99 was a cheap price for a style that I might actually be able to wear and keep the girls out of my waistband ha ha. Supposedly you buy the nude one and pay shipping and handling but in this special offer they give you the white and black ones free, just include shipping and handling. Oh, yes, and they charge a 'web' fee, even though you can't buy them in stores and their web page is the source.
Yes, you can order 1, but the s/h is 7.99 +$1
They're making a killing on their shipping, wouldn't you say? Of course before I hit 'enter' I could see what they were doing, but I think their wording and page was a little deceiving for anyone who didn't see it. They are coming in the mail, and weigh a shade more than half a pound altogether. No tracking on them yet ...Still sitting in Vegas.
After I ordered them, they kept bringing up more pages for more 'deals' to add to my original order. 

I'm not even sure these things will fit. I would almost bet you can't get money back on their 'free' ones, if they don't fit. The return s/h would be on my dime - this is a one way sale and they know it. I'm hoping they do fit and are comfortable enough to wear under my summer sheers. I don't care how mud ugly they are. We shall see.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Creature of Habit

Saturday night. I don't know about you, but Saturday night is my time with the tube. You know I don't have many channels, so mostly on the non PBS station has the same garbage over and over, but on Saturday night I get to see old favorites, from 5:00 to 11:00. I park in my chair, ignoring my phone and hardly doing a thing on my comp. I get to see re-runs of Major Crimes (2 episodes), Rizzolli and Isles (2 episodes), and Haven, with 1 hr. of PBS at 9:00.
I don't usually ask questions, so here goes, take your pick:
Any questions for me? Off the wall is okay, I reserve the right to not answer anything I don't want to.
Comments on my blog?
Do you have anything special you always do on a Saturday night? (If it's about sex or anything like that - please, don't tell me)
Any subject (in good taste ;-))

Played cribbage with DH this afternoon and actually won a game! 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Victorian Slum House and Transplanting

I tried to imagine living as they did in a Victorian slum house. If you saw the beginning on Tuesday, I’m sure you were appalled at the filth, their room(s), their clothes, and their skin! Somehow, I didn’t see the producers adding a few of the other things that were so common back then. I’m talking about lice, bedbugs, and the like. I also didn’t see any spider webs ... or rats ... or those wonderful, ever-present cockroaches. I suppose they had to draw the line somewhere. Perhaps they will show up, who knows.

If I were younger, by 20 years or more, I would have been game to do this. After all, I have lived from pheasant to feathers for a lot of my life.  When we went back to the land, our family of six lived in a shanty with a dirt floor for nearly a year. I believe we would have loved any one of the rooms on Slum House for its spaciousness and comfort. Privies? I have used more than my share.

When I see one of their Houses, I think, they ought to do a series on going back to the land on a dwindling budget in today’s world. Life in poverty is hard. I know there are places in the world where it’s a life and death struggle to stay alive and keep your children fed. I would be ignorant if I said my life was worse. It just felt like it at the time. Let’s just say I’m stubborn and I wanted to make a go of it, no matter what. I could have gone back with my tail between my legs to the comfort of hot water and flush toilets.

I was a little confused about the new people. Didn’t any of them bring a kettle or anything to cook with, besides the couple with the store? That’s pretty basic. I didn’t see what all they had, but a kettle to make fish head soup or boil potatoes would be one of the first things I’d take. They had to be cooking sometime during their journey to London.

I don’t understand their money system. English money is confusing. The one guy got 10pounds for a full day of back breaking work. That’s like $12.94 for the day. The 1860’s day? Today’s day? Sounds like too much, and then again, it sounds like not enough. Maybe someone could help me out with this.

I must have missed some stuff and will have to watch it again. Did they have a made-up back story? Are they immigrants or refugees? Where did these characters live before they ended up at the slum house?

I’m currently watching Lark Rise to Candleford – an episode at a time. (on Amazon Prime) I guess it’s supposed to be in a later time frame, maybe. Mr. Timmons had to be a common laborer picking rock in a field when someone stole his tools. He made 5 Shillings for the day. Like I say, English money is confusing to me and prorating for the time difference makes me a little nuts.

For those of you who are not into historical housing re-enactment: I transplanted the squash to a popcorn tin yesterday (not having a large enough pot for it) and so far, it doesn’t seem to be suffering. I am not going to subject it to the next couple days of the forecast chill, wind, and rain. DH can take it outside for me and I’ll add some more dirt. My floor in here looks like a nursery from the spilled dirt. I look at that squash and wish so hard that I had the energy to plant a big garden out in the yard, I’d love to see squash, and gourds sprawling all over!
        Have a great day, night, whatever!    

Monday, May 1, 2017

Slum House and Plant Problems

A new family is coming to town, well on PBS anyway. They live in Slum House circa 1860 London. It starts tomorrow, May 2nd at 8 Eastern/7 Central. I am kind of excited. I have no idea how long it will last, but I'm giving you a 'heads up' anyway. I hope you'll join me! The trailers look very interesting.

Tiny Tim is a cripple of sorts, it was showing such promise, but I am beginning to think it was an ill-fated venture. I gave it everything I could to stop the progress of the death of the leaves. Something is wrong. I used the Dawn solution originally, then I went to mite/etc killer, and have progressed to mold/etc killer - all natural, of course. I see the beginnings of flower buds, although I believe it is wasted energy on the part of the plant. Doing some amputation on it now, but think it's hopeless.

 The squash, however, is outgrowing the planter and will have to be moved soon and I hope it will survive that.
 The mint is doing very well, too, and the lavender is soldiering on.

Happy May Day to you all! Here, it looks like summer is in full swing, all the trees are fully dressed in their various shades of green.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Anniversary!

April 29th is a special day - it's J &T's anniversary! I don't believe we've had a prettier bride in the family. (Or groom, haha) It seems like such a short time ago. They had the ceremony under a gazebo in a pretty park, and it was so beautiful.

They had a perfect day to start their lives together. I think it was 22 years ago, but it may have been 23, I'm a bit shaky about dates anymore. I'm sure they will remind me. Haha.
 Together they made a beautiful family!

Happy Anniversary, kids. Wishing you many, many happy years ahead!

Bedroom Gardening

Gardening is a hobby, it has to be, because if it depended on any expertise, we would definitely starve to death. I just like to play and see if I can get things to grow. After a real hack job on the lavender, it appears it might make it. The mint is getting carried away, sending runners everywhere. It is starting to look as if it wants to escape. I sent one of the Tiny Tims home with Ruth, this one has grown over 3" this week! I hope the weather warms up good, so we can find somewhere to move the squash plant. It's just going nuts. The leaves are bigger than I had anticipated and it wants to lie down. It's not very strong. My thoughts of putting it on a support around the window have been crushed. Would have been cute though ... The 'extras in the bowl are the ones I started the first of March, they are alive and that's about it. I got the Tiny Tims out of the bowl and replanted them the first part of April. Am seriously thinking of re-potting Tim, re-homing the squash and just let the mint and lavender have at it. Plants are plants, you know? 
 Maybe next year, I'll put in petunias or something. Who knows?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Blackberry Winter

I'm sitting here in my heavy robe. I'm cold. The blackberries are blooming, I knew this would be here. It's the second day of a real cool down, commonly known in these parts as Blackberry Winter. In the spring, after it warms up, we still have a few cool spells before the wretched heat and they are called winters. It will warm back up in a couple days. I'm in no hurry, it's still better than the real thing. Ruth picked the best time to visit - before it got chilly.

I used my pressure cooker yesterday. Made the loveliest pot of ham and beans. They weren't quite done, so I had to do them an additional 5 minutes, but I will learn. (Hopefully)

Son J hooked up the new wifi printer on Friday. I haven't figured that out yet. The buttons are in an awkward spot on the top and my eyes just can't see them, with or without glasses.

Watching Doc Martin, love it and the characters! Not much else going on here besides the normal things. A rather large storm went through yesterday, the tornadoes  went through the same spot they usually do (E. of Waynesboro toward Lawrenceburg) I wonder what causes that. Had a wren check out the window birdhouse, guess she didn't like it. Sigh ...

Saturday, April 22, 2017

While I was MIA

Thursday, my son J called to see what I was doing. He planned to spend the day with me, watch an old movie and catch up on things. I was pretty tickled! He came a bit later and while we were talking, somebody pulled into the driveway. I sent him outside to see what it was they needed. When he came back in, my friend Ruth was right behind him! I haven't seen her since the last time she came down - a little over 3 years ago. What a super surprise! Needless to say, we didn't watch the movie. We sat and chatted the rest of the time until he had to go. I called DH and asked him to bring home supper and he was just as happy to hear about our visitor as I was!
 We had a great visit. It's funny, we talk for hours on the phone, yet found all kinds of things to talk about. 
 I figured as long as she was here, she could take some of those Naked Ladies home with her to see if they would work at her house. She's going to plant them on the south side of her house close to her foundation and mulch over the winter. Maybe they will make it. 
She's on her way back home now, good thoughts sent for a safe trip home to Minnesota.

Have a most lovely weekend, folks!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"Listen my children and you shall hear ..."

How many of you had to memorize the midnight ride of Paul Revere? Well, it's the 18th of April and very year it comes to me like a ghost of the past. How can I remember this when what I did with my shoes eludes me? I would nearly book bet that your dad or grandfather could (and would) quote some poem they remembered from their school days, but wondered where they had left their reading glasses. I only remember certain parts of what he used to spout on occasion. "You're a better man than I [am], Gunga Din!" and various other numerous poems and prose. He knew them from beginning to end. [You know I have to be grinning at the memory - Dad sitting in his favorite living room chair, his white shirt sleeves rolled half way up, his dress slacks dotted with paint smears, and his feet bare - he's reciting something with gusto. My dad should have been an actor, not an artist!] I only have a few pictures of my dad. My ex said my family pictures were ruined, but some of the 'ruined' pictures are still around. He took them for spite. Jerk. I do have many memories and I can still see him in my mind's eye. Too bad that I can't print them to share with my other kids.

My electric pressure cooker comes today. I'm kind of excited. I hope it works good! I want to make Red Mike and Violets! [Corned beef and cabbage] I'm anxious to take a gander at the cookbook that comes with it.

I finished that collection of The Twilight Zone and have ordered the Doc Martin series to watch before bed. It's due in today, too. I had been streaming Lark Rise to Candleford, an episode each day. Guess that's where my GBs went. Maybe, I don't know how that streaming thing works. I saw 8 episodes before it didn't really want to work. Yesterday, I watched an episode and it was fine, no jerking or stopping or circling. 

I seem to have diarrhea of the keys this morning. Have a good, day, night, whatever.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Back to Normal?

Naturally, with my net slowed, April the Giraffe decided to have her baby. I had been trying to catch the birth. Ever since my goat Becky had given birth, I have been fascinated with how quickly those wonderful babies can walk around. I was curious about a giraffe. I read somewhere that they could be 150# at birth, that fact stunned me too. Anyway, I kept checking and taking screen shots as long as it came in at all. My results:

I missed the 'little' guys first steps. He did quite a few face plants as he tried getting up. He weighed 127#, when they weighed him and he was as tall as one of the keepers! April appears to be a very good mother.
I remember years ago when I had my goats, Billy and Becky. Becky seemed to be in labor a couple of hours before Billy the Kid popped out. He was up and in trouble before we could name him. Fond memories!
My internet seems to be back in business. Today, my clock starts running again. Yippee!
 Have a great new week!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Watching the little circle spin ...

I went over my limit on my internet service. Sure they say unlimited, but after 10G they reserve the right to go from 4G to 3G. Obviously, 3G means the 'thinking' circle will spin on the screen until you just say, "To hell with it!" and shut it off. I get so far and then the spinning begins. So this is my lot for the last week of every month? How lovely. I can check my email and check my blog. Too many clicks and turning, turning, turning ...
 I suppose this will be my post for the weekend.

At the moment, we have no major plans for the weekend, or Easter. I have already eaten my chocolate egg ... Guess I better find some little hobby to spend my time. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your friends and family!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I won't take a nap ...I won't take a nap ... I won't take a nap ...

I was up and awake a couple hours or more before the sunrise. I should have gone back to bed! I love these golden mornings where everything is bathed in glory.
 Yesterday I sprayed the lavender with dawn/oil/water. This morning in the good light, I noticed some black moldy stuff on the underside of the leaves and some of them were definitely dying. I whacked it down to the nubbins and made a little cyber note card with the flowers before they got the heave-ho out the window. I have dosed it again - if the plant does not improve, I'll rip the rest of it out and forget it.
 This little guy stopped momentarily, only time to take one shot. You can see how much the fig has leafed out in a little over a week.
   I thought my flowering plum was dead, but this morning I noticed a few blossoms starting to open. I went through my old pictures and yes, the pink blossoms take longer to come out. I hope it gets really pretty, but if it doesn't snap out of this straggly look though, I guess I will end up with a flowering crab and forget it.
Have a great day, night, whatever!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Plants -  I have a question about my lavender. Does anyone know what is going on here? What are these teeny, tiny white bugs/spiders/mites? I have tried picking them off, but they just show up elsewhere. Any suggestions? The plant is not doing very well.
 My chocolate mint is growing marvelously - maybe. I heard that mint was invasive and I will have to agree. It is sending out runners like crazy. Do the runners eventually grow roots along the run so a person could make more plants? If not, I am going to nip them in the bud (runner) or they would take over the planter. If some take root, I'll let them and plant them outside where the ants are.
    A couple of the tiny tomatoes were transplanted and still are very tiny, though they are getting to look more like tomato plants.

Birds - No occupants for my window bird house. It had started out looking so promising. I had two looks and then nothing. Ruth hasn't had any better luck with hers.
    I have ordered a window mounted hummingbird feeder. I was quite surprised on Friday, when a hummer came to the window, looking in! I do want to try it and hope I can figure out a way to keep the various wasps from bugging it. Normally the hummers don't come until around the third week in April, but like the dogwood blossoms, they are coming sooner and sooner. Nobody can convince me that global warming isn't happening!
    The cowbirds are out in full force, gobbling up the seed in the feeder like nobody's business. I shouldn't feel such dislike for them, the dirty rotten scum birds. Such parasites!

Anyone have one of those little electric pressure cookers? I have seen their commercials on TV and I think to myself about how many meals we had the next day because somebody forgot to thaw out the meat or we started too late and ended up eating sandwiches. So, I ordered one from the web site. I figured they would want me to buy this or that for it and didn't want to be hit with that over the phone. I was right! They say free extras but you are slammed with high shipping/handling. I just ordered the cooker and did end up paying for the liner - although I thought the liner should have been part of the package to begin with. The shipping/handling for the cooker must be where they make the money ... I hope it truly is as useful as they say. I know I enjoyed my Swivel Sweeper and considered it a bargain!

I didn't mean to write a book. Have a most lovely day and a wonderful week ahead! 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

So ... I baked!

DH bought some blackberries from Aldi's on his way way home from work last night. He hinted (more like told me) that it would be nice if I could make him some blackberry cobbler today. I got it in the oven about 25 min. after he got home. These were big berries so the pinwheels didn't want to be pinwheels, haha. I'm ready to dig into it now, wish I had some ice cream.

It was so pleasantly warm yesterday, but today is almost cold. The dogwood are blooming, so this must be 'Dogwood Winter.' I don't know what all the 'winters' are. The folks (or somebody) around here have given each cold spell in the spring a different name. Dogwood Winter is right on and so is Blackberry Winter. We didn't have such  when I lived in Minnesota. I suppose it's something like Indian Summer in the fall. DH has his tomato planted outside, so it will have to be protected, young tomato plants are adverse to temperatures 38F and lower ... I hope it doesn't freeze.